The Constipation Clinic @ Therapy Square


Do you have a child that struggles with constipation? Has your doctor recommended Miralax flushes that only result in more backs ups? As you watch your child ride this merry go round of clean outs, belly pain and painful potty times, you are left feeling helpless and unsure of how to help give your child the help he or she so desperately needs.


HAVE NO FEAR, HELP IS HERE! The Constipation Clinic at Therapy Square is uniquely designed to provide the help YOUR child needs.


Through our collaborative team approach, your child will find relief and freedom from constipation.  You won’t find this kind of support anywhere else in the state.


Meet our team


Annette Thomas is a pediatric physical therapist with a specialty in pelvic floor therapy. Through her guided exercises, relaxation techniques and strengthening routine, your child will learn the proper potty position and body mechanics to make having a bowel movement easy and pain free.


Jessica O’Connell is a registered dietitian who will tackle the nutrition side of constipation using an all-natural approach. Your child will be Miralax free and experience soft, painless stools with regularity.


The pairing of physical therapy and nutrition is what makes The Constipation Clinic so unique. If Annette and Jessica feel your child could benefit from further therapy, a pediatric occupational therapist and mental health provider are available for consult within The Clinic. You won’t find this kind of support and help anywhere!


Are you ready to help your child in ways that actually work? To be free of Miralax flushes, watching your child struggle with bowel control and worrying if anything will ever change?


If you answered YES, don’t wait any longer. Contact The Constipation Clinic @ Therapy Square today!


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Did you Know???

Every year, millions of children suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and do not get the help that they need.   According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 10% of children age 5 and over have issues with leakage during the day.  Constipation accounts for 5% of pediatric office visits and also contributes to urinary leakage and bed-wetting.  Nutrition plays a critical role in the intervention for finding independence with bowel function.  Don’t delay any longer.  Get your child the help he or she needs and find freedom from bowel and bladder challenges today!


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